How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take?

How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take? Know What The Professionals Say?

Carpets are valued a lot and need regular maintenance to prolong their lifespan. Carpet cleaning is not a complicated process, it is easy but can be difficult depending on the stain types, urine, pet, or blood stain on the carpet, and different cleaning needs. Carpet cleaning is mandatory so always choose the best company. One of the most asked questions is how long does carpet cleaning take? Carpet cleaning is a time taking process and it depends upon the type of stains, services required by the clients and various other factors. According to the service and the carpet the price also differs from one company to another.

Carpet cleaning services take different times. Always make sure to confirm with the service provider before hiring them. Ask them every question including “How long does carpet cleaning take?”


Know What The Professionals Say About Carpet Cleaning Timings:

Different Carpet Cleaning Methods And Their Periods

Carpet Steam Cleaning- This method is an effective method where steam is used as a standard for removing stains from the carpets. steam cleaning takes less time and is an effective process for stain removal. It takes around 1 hour for one room carpet cleaning.

Carpet Dry Cleaning– This method is also effective but takes a lot of time when compared to other cleaning methods. In this method, dry cleaning compounds are used for removing superficial dirt thoroughly. But the question is how long do carpets take to dry after steam cleaning? This method takes around 4-5 hours for cleaning the carpets thoroughly. 

DIY Homemade Carpet Cleaning Methods- These methods are not so effective but can be done easily. These methods take more time to clean the carpets. And, many times you will not get the expected results. 

Carpet Cleaning Time Depending Upon Type Of Carpets

Well, here is the answer. The carpet cleaning time also differs depending upon the type of carpet you have at your house. 

Woollen carpets take much more time than other carpets as they absorb a lot of water and have a thick layer of fabric that allows the entry of water into them. Every other fabric carpet can be cleaned easily and even take less time for drying when compared to woollen carpets. 

Carpet Cleaning Time Depending Upon the Size Of The House

The cleaning time also differs depending on the size and shape of the house. 

Small house- If it is a small house with 2 bedrooms and a living room it will take around 2 hours to clean it thoroughly. 

Medium house- A medium house consists of 4 bedrooms, 1 living room, and 1 dining room. This will take between 3-4 hours to complete the cleaning services. 

Large house- This type of house generally consists of 6 bedrooms, one large living room, a theatre room, a dining room, and also a staircase. The time for cleaning this type of house could be around 5-6 hours. 

Depending Upon The Condition Of The Carpet- 

Depending upon the condition of the carpet also the time might differ from carpet to carpet. If the carpets are heavily stained like blood stains and soiled. It takes a lot of time to remove such blood stains from the carpet. You need to go for more pre-conditioner and extraction methods for removing the stains. It is recommended to get your carpets cleaned professionally every 10-12 months to maintain their lifespan and the quality of the fabric. 

Depending Upon Stains And Spots

Various types of stains and spots are deep and take time to clean. Some stains can be removed easily whereas other stains take time. 

Oil-based and wax-based stains- Stains such as oil-based and wax-based are harder to remove and might take a lot of time. These stains take more than 2-3 attempts to get proper cleaning and removal stains from the carpets. 

Water-based and mud stains- These types of stains can be removed easily and take less time when compared to other stains. Sometimes these stains can be removed within 1-2 attempts. 

Urine Stains- These stains if not removed on time can leave a permanent mark and also give a bad odour. Urine stains also attract many pests and diseases. Removing these stains doesn’t take a lot of time and can also be done by DIY methods. 

These are some of the factors through which you can figure out.


Carpets can be cleaned by DIY method but professional carpet cleaning is important to get a proper look at your carpets and for maintaining the carpet’s life. Getting rid of almost all kinds of stains, dirt, germs, moulds, and odours from the carpets within less time is a dream for all but now you must have understood how much time it can take to clean a carpet. You can book the best Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Adelaide for the best and quick results!