Team was friendly

16 August 2023

I’m someone who overlooks curtain cleaning usually, but this company convinced me otherwise. The team was friendly and handled my delicate sheer curtains with care. The difference in post-cleaning is remarkable. The curtains are brighter, and I never realized how much dust they held. Breathing is easier now!

Ruby Clark

Results exceeded my expectations

16 August 2023

I recently moved into a house with neglected tiles and grimy grout lines. A friend recommended this tile cleaning service. The technicians were friendly and skilled. They deep-cleaned the tiles and grout, and now my floors look stunning. The service was efficient.

Max Chen

Flawless Repairs, Exceptional Service!

15 August 2023

I can’t thank City Carpet Repair enough for their exceptional service. From the moment I contacted them, they were professional and attentive. The repairs they performed on my frayed carpet were flawless. The repaired sections blend seamlessly with the rest of the carpet, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Their expertise and dedication are truly commendable!

Olivia Mitchell

Given serious cleaning & attention

14 August 2023

After a year of neglect, my recliners needed serious attention. That’s where City Carpet Cleaning came in. The team’s attention to detail was commendable. They even cleaned the nooks and crannies that I didn’t expect them to reach. The difference between the before and after is astounding. My furniture looks inviting again.

Mia Patel

Saved Me from Costly Replacement!

10 August 2023

I was considering replacing my damaged carpet, but City Carpet Repair came to the rescue. Their repair process was cost-effective and saved me a significant amount of money. The repaired areas look as good as new, and the whole process was quick and hassle-free. Their attention to detail and expertise truly set them apart. Thanks, City Carpet Repair!

Liam Patterson

Fantastic Rug Cleaning Service!

10 August 2023

I recently had my rugs cleaned by City Carpet Cleaning Adelaide and I am beyond satisfied with the results. The team did an exceptional job. The rugs look as good as new – all the stubborn stains and odours are gone.

Sheila M.

My home is back to normal surprisingly quickly

9 August 2023

I had heard horror stories about the aftermath of floods, so I was apprehensive. However, City Carpet Cleaning proved that not all experiences are bad. They responded promptly, assessed the damage, and tackled the cleanup and drying process with expertise.

Ava White

Absolutely thrilled with the rug cleaning service!

9 August 2023

My vintage Persian rug was looking tired and had some tough stains. But these guys worked magic. The colours are vibrant again, and the stains are gone. The service was convenient, and the team was professional. Highly recommend!

Emily Chen

Remarkable Carpet Restoration!

8 August 2023

City Carpet Repair truly exceeded my expectations! Their team’s skill in restoring my worn-out carpet was impressive. The repairs seamlessly blended with the original carpet, and I can’t even tell where the damages used to be. The process was efficient, and the results were outstanding. I’m thrilled with their work and highly recommend their services!

Emily Turner

Professional, efficient, and effective service overall

8 August 2023

A recent flood in my basement had me stressed, but this company provided much-needed relief. Their availability was a lifesaver. The team used advanced equipment to extract water and dry the space. They also checked for potential mould growth.

Ethan Smith

Impressive rug cleaning job!

8 August 2023

I have a house full of pets, and you can imagine the mess on the rugs. But City Carpet Cleaning Adelaide didn’t flinch. They managed to remove the pet odours and every single stain. The customer service was friendly, and the pricing was fair. So happy to see my rugs clean and fresh again.

Jackson Miller

Truly grateful!

7 August 2023

When a pipe burst in my living room, I was devastated by the flooding. This team arrived promptly and took control of the situation. They efficiently removed the water, dried the area, and even helped salvage some of my belongings. Their quick response and thorough restoration prevented further damage.

Olivia Johnson

Very impressed!

7 August 2023

City Carpet Cleaning made my bathroom tiles sparkle like they’re brand new! The grout had turned several shades darker, and I didn’t have much hope. But these experts worked their magic. The process was quick, and the transformation was unbelievable. My bathroom looks like a luxury spa now.

Oscar Williams

Such a relief to see my floors restored

6 August 2023

I was dreading the tile and grout cleaning chore, but City Carpet Cleaning turned it into a breeze. The team was professional and meticulous. My kitchen floor tiles, which had years of grime buildup, now shine brilliantly. It’s to their former glory.

Sophie Lee

A quite particular cleaning for my furniture

5 August 2023

Hiring for City Carpet Cleaning was a great decision. They didn’t use harsh chemicals, which was a relief, and still managed to remove the stubborn coffee stains. The couches and chairs smell fresh, and the fabric feels revitalized.

Cooper Harris

Highly recommend it for cleaning upholstery!

4 August 2023

They transformed my worn-out couch into something that looks brand new. The stains that I thought were permanent are completely gone. The technicians were punctual, and professional, and went the extra mile to ensure the whole process was smooth. Super satisfied with the service.

Isla Thompson

Definitely worth the investment!

2 August 2023

City Carpet Cleaning deserves a standing ovation for its curtain cleaning service. My heavy drapes had accumulated dust and allergens over the years. The team dismantled, cleaned, and reinstalled them flawlessly. The curtains now look refreshed, and the air quality in my home seems better.

Lucas Anderson

Very impressed!

1 August 2023

This service provider was a game-changer for me. With young kids at home, my curtains had seen their fair share of spills and stains. The professionals took care of the mess and even managed to remove the crayon marks, which I thought were permanent. My curtains look as good as new.

Leo Martin

Impeccable Results And Service

23 May 2023

I must say I was impressed. Your team provided impeccable results, leaving my mattress looking and smelling fresh and clean. Their attention to detail was evident at every step of the process.

William James

A Refreshing and Reliable Service!

18 May 2023

I had an amazing experience. Your team was prompt, and professional, and provided a flawless mattress cleaning service. From the moment they arrived, they handled everything with utmost care and attention.

Nick Hobson