How To Clean A Shower Curtain and Its Liners

Shower curtains most often need to be cleaned regularly. The moisture in your bathroom leads to causing countless bacteria in it, which is not good for the human body as well. You must take care of it and keep it dry after you bathe. Have your thoughts on how much they cause health problems to you. They can cause severe skin allergies and bacterial infections. So one has to do something about that! People often throw their shower curtains and liners once they get dirty. On the contrary, why don’t you try to clean it up and maintain it for its longevity? Consider How To Clean A Shower Curtain and Its Liners.

How To Clean A Shower Curtain and Its Liners

How To Clean A Shower Curtain and Its Liners

Foremost, cleaning cloth shower curtains is a bit tough compared to plastic shower curtains.

  • Remove your shower curtain from the rings.
  • Please fill up the washing machine with warm and mild water and load it with the required setting.
  • You are allowed to use regular detergent liquid (just a few drops) along with a cup of white vinegar for better cleaning and stain removal.
  • Toss in the cloth shower curtain, so it gets settled into the warm water and detergent & vinegar mixture appropriately.
  • Once the curtain cleaning from the washing machine is done, hang it for complete dry cleaning. Ensure to use sunlight to get it dry.

How To Clean Plastic Shower Curtains?

When it comes to washing and cleaning plastic shower curtains, it requires a few more things along with the drops of regular detergent like colour-safe bleach, detergent, vinegar, and baking soda to the washing cycle. Moreover, add a few towels and put the washing machine in a cool setting. Do not mix any cleaning items; otherwise, they might cause some reaction.

If your product or plastic shower curtain is struggling with moulds and mildew existing over them, then it is highly recommended to use bleach for the perfect washing and mould removal. When you are done with the washing, you must hang the plastic shower curtain to air dry. Here are a few more things to keep in mind when machine washing a plastic shower curtain:

  • To prevent it from warping or melting, keep your washing machine in a cold setting.
  • Add one or two bath towels to assist balance the weight and clean mildew or dirt.
  • Always air-dry your plastic curtain instead of putting it in the dryer.

Know How To Clean Shower Curtain Liner

  • It’s easy. Pull out the shower curtain liner and toss it into the washing machine.
  • Do not forget to add a towel because it will help scrub the curtain liner for cleaning.
  • Keep the washing machine set up for gentle cleaning, which does not damage the liner.
  • At last, hang the shower curtain liner outside to let it air dry.

Shower curtain liners can easily catch moulds and mildew. That’s why using the above-mentioned tricks and tips removes the build-up moulds and mildew. The exposed moisture and warmth in your bathrooms generate these moulds very commonly, so it’s no big problem. But following the tips above will help with the cleaning and save around $20. You do not need to purchase a new one and get the old filthy shower curtain liner into a new condition once again. This is something, easy way to let you learn about How To Clean A Shower Curtain and Its Liners.

How Frequently You Should Clean Your Shower Curtain?

Here we have discussed How To Clean A Shower Curtain and Its Liners. Yet the most important part is how frequently you should clean your shower curtains. Consider a fast shower curtain cleaning, focusing on the curtain liner, into your weekly chore regimen. Spray with a vinegar mixture, then rinse and wipe down. Regular cleaning prevents mildew and mould growth, as well as soap scum development on shower liners.

Once a month, give the liner and outside shower curtain a thorough wash (preferably in the washing machine).

How To Clean The Shower Curtain Rings?

It’s good if you are trying to learn about how to clean shower curtains and their liners. At the same time, you must also understand and give similar importance to curtain rings for cleaning. The shower curtain rings are also exposed to dust, soap, scum, moisture, and steam, so they also get pretty dirty. That’s why to focus on its cleanliness also.

It would help if you fill your bathtub or a bucket with warm water. Put some drops of detergent and add a cup of vinegar to it. Let the rings be in the water for some time, until the curtains get washed. After some time, drain the water into the sink, and clean the shower curtain rings with warm water to clean appropriately. If any soap scum or limescale is still there, then you can use your fingers to remove them.

Tips for keeping your shower curtain/liner clean for a longer period:

While our experts recommend washing your curtain/liner once a month, there are several things you can do to extend the time between washings.

    • Most bar soaps generate soap scum. Instead of bar soap, use body shampoo or a non-soap cleaning bar.
    • Spray the curtain of the shower and liner with a solution of half water and half distilled white vinegar

daily. Add a few droplets of lemon essential oil to the mixture to mask the vinegar scent. There’s no need to rinse because it’ll be washed away the next when you shower.

  • Sprinkle the bottom of the curtains and liner with a vinegar/water solution once a week, then scrub with a brush. This will eliminate any build-up that you may have missed during your usual spraying.

Professional Cleaning Services – Call If Required!

If you do not want to do the shower curtain, liner, and cleaning off the rings on your own, then here you can use the professional bathroom and house cleaning service for assistance. We will help you out in assisting for the best as much as possible. Our cleaners provide the best Curtain cleaning Adelaide services. Still, it would be better if you will learn about how to clean shower curtains and their liners so that sometimes you can do this on your own as well.