How Much is Professional Upholstery Cleaning Cost in Adelaide?

How Much is Professional Upholstery Cleaning Cost in Adelaide?

There are many things (couches, sofas, lounges, chaises) included in upholstery, and cleaning them is important to maintain their beauty and prolong their lifespan. Various companies provide upholstery cleaning services across Australia. One of the most common questions asked by people is “How much is professional upholstery cleaning cost in Adelaide?” Upholstery cleaning services might differ from company to company and the same applies to prices. Some companies charge high prices and some charge low prices to provide the best cleaning services. Read the blog thoroughly to know more about the pricing of upholstery cleaning services.

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Details Of Professional Upholstery Cleaning Costs

The prices of upholstery cleaning depend upon the size and the type of furniture you are looking to get cleaned. Types of furniture and prices are mentioned below-

  • Sofas And Couches– Sofas and couches are big items that cost a lot in comparison to others. For these bigger furniture items, we need the best machinery that can clean them easily and remove all the stains from them. Many cleaning solutions can be used for cleaning the couch and the sofas. It will cost you between $250 to $400. There are many companies to choose from for cleaning your sofa.
  • Recliners And Ottomans– To clean recliners and Ottomans, you will need special equipment that is expensive and is only available to the experts. The price of cleaning these recliners and ottomans may differ from company to company. The basic price of cleaning a recliner or ottoman is around $200 to $250. Search for the best cleaning company and compare the prices before hiring them and also ask them “How much is professional upholstery cleaning cost?”
  • Chairs– Cleaning chairs are not a big job and it costs less when compared to other upholstery. Armchairs are bigger when compared to other chairs so they are a little costlier when compared to other chairs. The price of cleaning an armchair range between $40 to $80. Office chairs are unique pieces of furniture since more expensive ones include additional features such as swivels or movable seats. These, too, require special attention. Office chairs are smaller in size so they cost less compared to all other types of chairs. The price range of cleaning an office chair is around $20 to $40. Dining chairs usually contain less amount of fabric when compared to other chairs so it costs less. The price range of dining chair cleaning is around $10 to $30.
  • Chaise lounge– The chaise lounge is available in two styles. One for your living room and one for outside, surrounding your pool or balcony. Although not all chaise loungers are upholstered, they always require cleaning. The cost will vary depending on the type, as each requires its own set of items and tools. Expect to pay between $60 and $80.

Factors For Upholstery Cleaning Prices:

The upholstery cleaning prices depend upon various factors mentioned below-

  • Material Used– If the material used in the upholstery is expensive the prices will also increase. If the upholstery is made up of leather the price for cleaning the fabric will cost around $180 to $190. If the fabric is made up of wool, cotton, or polyester the price ranges from around $160 to $180. If the upholstery is made up of silk the price might be a little higher. It will range from around $180 to $230. Because furniture upholstery is fragile, cleaning costs are high. Because of the instruments required to clean leather and suede-like materials, they will be more expensive. As a result, professional upholstery cleaning charges vary based on the type of material.
  • Upholstery Sizes and Quantity: Prices are determined by the size and quantity of pieces of upholstery. Prices range from large-sized chairs to fewer pieces of furniture sets. The dimension of the upholstery determines the cost. A little chair, for example, will be less expensive than a large sofa. Plan your budget while keeping the quantity of cleaning required in mind.
  • Cleaning Procedure: Cleaning methods can significantly influence upholstery cleaning prices. There are two kinds of upholstery cleaning: cleaning with steam and dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is less expensive than steam cleaning. As a result, pricing may vary depending on different cleaning procedures and upholstery materials.

Steps Included in Professional Upholstery Cleaning

  • Inspection Of The Upholstery– Inspecting the upholstery is important before cleaning it. The inspection charges differ from the cleaning charges. Different companies charge different inspection prices. The average inspection price is around $150.
  • Cleaning Solutions– Cleaning solutions are different in different companies. That is why the price of each company differs based on the quality of the product.
  • The Cleaning Treatment– There are various cleaning treatments used for cleaning the upholstery. Steam cleaning and dry cleaning are some of the most common methods used by professionals to get rid of stains and spots. Various companies offer these cleaning treatments at different prices. The average Upholstery steam cleaning and dry-cleaning price are around $200 to $250.


We hope this blog is helpful to know about “How much is professional upholstery cleaning cost in Adelaide?” Professional upholstery cleaning is far less expensive than reupholstering. Different forms of furniture necessitate different goods, each with its implementation approach specified by its manufacturer. Professionals employ cleaning methods that are appropriate for the material of the upholstery. This means that for common materials, they use steam cleaning and for sensitive materials, they use dry cleaning. Both of these strategies consistently produce excellent outcomes.