Blinds Cleaning Tips

Common Signs Of Dirty Blinds & Cleaning Tips

Blinds are another form of window coverings and decorative. However, there comes a time when you need to know about common signs of dirty blinds and cleaning tips to make them look fresh and neat. Knowing the signs of dirty blinds plays a major role before implementing a cleaning tip on them. Like curtains, blinds also have hidden dangers and should be cleaned in a timely fashion. Therefore, take note of the signs and blinds cleaning tips we mentioned in this blog and follow them accordingly for clean blinds. 

Blind cleaning tips

Look To Know Signs Of Dirty Blinds And Their Respective Cleaning Tips 

In regards to signs of dirty blinds, we listed out a few cleaning tips for your aid. Look below to know common signs of dirty blinds & cleaning tips: 

1. Dust Build-up: A visible cover of dust covering the slots is one of the most obvious signs of dirty blinds. Your blinds may look dull and ugly as a result of dust particles that build on the surface over time. Additionally, it’s another indication that you require the blinds cleaned if you run your hands down the slats and see dust remaining in your hand.

  • Start by fully closing the blinds to remove dust. To carefully sweep the dust off each slat, use a feather brush, microfiber cloth, or a vacuum with a brush attachment. Make sure to properly clean the blinds on both sides.
  • However, one thing you have to keep in your mind is that cleaning dusted blinds with lint rollers or cloth dusters emits lots of dust. So, mask yourself first and avoid getting dust allergies. 
  • After following all the necessary precautions, use either a lint roller or cloth duster to clean the blinds thoroughly.

2. Stubborn Stains

Another clear sign of dirty blinds is stains and patches. These can result from a variety of things, such as pet mishaps, or ordinary wear and tear. In addition to being ugly, stains can also contain allergies and bacteria. Blinds get stains from grease, sunlight, water, and so on. Once these common stains turn into stubborn ones and your task of getting rid of them becomes harder. Moreover, stains also make blinds lose their appearance in a very short time. However, if you want to know how to clean blinds for stain removal, continue reading to get the job done right.

  • You can use a light detergent or a solution of water and vinegar to spot clean stains on a wide range of blind types. Being cautious not to wet the material, gently dab the soiled area with the solution using a clean cloth. Use a fresh cloth to blot the surface dry or let it air dry.
  • However, if you still find the stains, repeat the complete process over and through until there are no more stains. 

3. Unpleasant Odours

It’s a clue that you require cleaning if you detect a musty or unpleasant smell next to them. Odours can stay on the blinds as a result of dust, pet hair, and other airborne debris that may collect on them over time. On exposure to sunlight, dust particles, smoke, and others, blinds eventually become pleasant and unusual. And vacuuming is not an answer to get rid of these unpleasant odours coming from blinds. Follow our lead to know the cleaning tip for blind odour removal.

  • For odour removal from blinds, you need materials like baking soda, vinegar, water, a clean cloth, and a few rags.
  • Prepare a solution of equal parts water and vinegar to clean your blinds and get rid of odours. Use a sponge or cloth to lightly soak it in the solution, then wipe all of it down. The vinegar leaves behind a fresh aroma and aids in odour neutralisation.
  • Repeat the process of wiping on both sides of the blinds with this cloth and then wipe again using a dry rag. 

4. Patches Of Mould

If the environment around them is humid, then blinds encourage the growth of mould because of the presence of moisture. Humid temperature leads to condensation on blinds and this in turn accumulates water droplets. Therefore, dust coming in contact with water grows into moulds of different colours. But we have a solution to remove mould from blinds.

  • To remove excess dry mould, you need to first vacuum the blinds on both sides and then brush away the slabs
  • After removing excess dry mould, you need to make a mild solution by using lemon juice with salt 
  • Next to making a perfect mild solution, use a clean soft cloth to gently wipe the blind slabs to remove mould on them
  • This cleaning tip not just removes mould but also the musty smell mould releases. 

5. Pet Hair And Dander

One of the pesky tasks in blind cleaning is to remove pet hair and dander as they are very small appearance-wise. Despite the necessary actions you take to keep your blinds free of pet hair and dander, you cannot escape from this situation. Therefore, you should always be ready to adopt a cleaning tip to reduce or completely remove pet hair and dander. 

  • Wear rubber gloves to first wipe the slabs and then get rid of pet hair off the blind surfaces. This way you get to remove a good amount of pet hair 
  • But when getting rid of pet dander, direct removal is not possible even if you take the necessary precautions
  • For removing pet dander, you need to use a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filters as they help in pulling dander out of blinds
  • Now, use the above-mentioned vacuum cleaner to gently vacuum the blinds to pull away pet dander from the core of the blinds. 

6. Change In Blind Colours 

Over long-time exposure to sunlight and UV rays, blinds tend to lose their original colours to become yellow or brown. Changing of blind colour will make even your new blinds look like the old ones. But this doesn’t mean that replacing them with new ones is the only alternative. Because you have the best option on how to clean blinds and make them appear shiny as new. 

  • Make your colour-changed blinds regain their former colour by cleanly wiping them with soaked water; on both sides
  • Let the blinds dry until you find not even a single droplet of water on them
  • After the wiping step, you will find no more surface dust or dirt and only find changes in the colour of the blinds
  • Here, the final step is to paint those window blinds carefully by spraying the colour you choose and save your money from blinds replacement.


To keep blinds looking good and extend their lifespan, regular blinds cleaning services are necessary. You can keep your blinds in top shape by keeping an eye out for usual symptoms of dirt, such as dust accumulation, stains, grease, and odours. To maintain your blinds fresh, spotless, and aesthetically pleasing, refer to the cleaning procedures provided in this blog post. If you are still dealing with how to clean blinds, contact a professional blind cleaning service for your ease.