Carpet Steam Cleaning Vs Shampooing

Carpet Steam Cleaning Vs Shampooing: Which Is Best To Choose?

Carpet cleaning can be a complicated process. You have options like carpet shampooing, dry cleaning and steam cleaning. These carpet cleaning methods are not only effective in removing stains but are also useful in prolonging the lifespan of carpets. Carpet steam cleaning is a process in which heat and pressure are used for cleaning the carpets whereas carpet shampooing cleans by generating foam to attract the dirt. There are many points to consider before we decide on the suitable method for a carpet between carpet steam cleaning and carpet shampooing. Read the blog thoroughly to know about carpet steam cleaning vs shampooing.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Vs Shampooing

Carpet Steam Cleaning Vs Shampooing

Let us try to understand all aspects of these carpet cleaning methods before considering one superior or more effective than another. 

Carpet Steam Cleaning- 

Carpet steam cleaning is also referred to as the hot water extraction method. In this method, steam is the main compound that helps in deep cleaning the carpets. Hot water is used at high temperatures ranging from 150-200 degrees Fahrenheit. Carpet steam cleaning is one of the most used cleaning methods. Carpet steam cleaning is used for removing bacteria, germs, dust mites, or any other contaminants that can harm your carpets and carpet areas.

Pros: One benefit of using carpet steam cleaning is that it is efficient at cleaning carpets that stretch from wall to wall. The tool is simple to use and can readily reach into nooks and corners.

Cons: Steam cleaning carpets is difficult and time-consuming to do. For a complete clean, it is necessary to use both detergents and rinse agents. Staining can happen if all of the detergents don’t get out of the carpet. 

Carpet Shampooing- 

Carpet shampooing is a method for cleaning carpets in which chemical or chemical-free solutions are used for cleaning the carpets thoroughly. There are many ways and solutions for carpet shampooing. In this method, the foam gets generated when the brush is rotated all over the stains and the carpet. The carpet is later left to dry and a vacuum cleaner is used to collect the leftover residue from the carpets. This is also one of the best carpet cleaning methods. There are two types of shampoo cleaning machines- cylindrical foam shampoo machines and rotary shampoo machines.

Pros: When your carpet is dirty and highly discoloured, shampooing it will help it become clean. Additionally, shampooing can clean and clear dirt from the fibres that are beneath the surface.

Cons: The carpet may need to be cleaned more frequently if soap residue is left on it since it may cause dirt to stick to the carpet. After carpet shampooing, the carpet needs time to dry.

Difference Between Carpet Steam Cleaning And Carpet Shampooing

By reading this, you can gain some clear insights about Carpet Steam Cleaning Vs Shampooing.

  • Chemicals Used- The steam cleaning method often doesn’t require any chemicals for cleaning them because the process used here is different when compared to other cleaning methods. Whereas in carpet shampooing all types of soaps that work with shampooers are used for cleaning the carpets.
  • Time Taken For Drying- In carpet shampooing the time taken for drying the carpets varies from 2 hours to 4 hours depending upon the severity of the dirt whereas the time taken for drying in carpet steam cleaning is around 1-5 hours. This is a major aspect of carpet steam cleaning vs carpet shampooing.
  • Leftover Residue- Carpet shampooing might leave residues when compared to carpet steam cleaning. In carpet shampooing the foam is sometimes difficult to remove whereas in steam cleaning there is no residue left because of high pressure.
  • Cost- When it comes to cost, steam cleaning is the most expensive carpet cleaning method when compared to carpet shampooing and carpet dry cleaning.
  • Machinery- The machines used in carpet steam cleaning are very much complicated when compared to other machines. It can have various nozzles, ironing brush cloths, mop pads, squeezes, and many more accessories. These products are very expensive and come in different sizes and brands. In the carpet shampooing method, the shampooers are composed of a water compartment and suction.
  • Cleaning Duration- Depending upon the size of the room the time taken for cleaning the carpets differs in carpet steam cleaning and carpet shampooing. Carpet steam cleaning takes around 30 minutes for one carpet to clean thoroughly whereas it takes around 20 minutes for an expert to clean a carpet using a carpet shampooing method. This is one of the major differences you can notice while comparing carpet steam cleaning vs shampooing.
  • Techniques And Technicians- Technique wise both cleaning methods are very different and the technicians might also be different from each other. Some companies provide all kinds of cleaning services including carpet steam cleaning and carpet shampooing.
  • Sanitization- Sanitization on the other hand is one of the most important factors in carpet steam cleaning vs carpet shampooing. You have to focus more on carpet sanitization. Carpet steam cleaning focuses more on sanitization as it is effective in killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria whereas carpet shampooing is focused less on sanitization.

Hire Professionals- Get The Best Carpet Cleaning Results

You really can’t go wrong with either option when comparing Carpet Steam Cleaning Vs Shampooing. Carpet Steam Cleaning and Carpet Shampooing are the most effective Carpet Cleaning Methods. You can choose the best for your carpet by being mindful of the pros and cons of each method and your unique needs.