5 Ways To Remove Red Wine Stains From Couch

5 Ways To Remove Red Wine Stains From Couch

Cherishing your leisure time with your close ones is always the best thing that you can do. Either watching a movie/TV with a glass of wine adds a sprinkle to it. But met with an accident? You spill your glass of red wine on the couch. red wine removal from the couch is difficult. Do not panic, below mentioned 5 ways to remove red wine stains from couch are the best ways to remove this stain.  

The stains present on the couch may present it clumsy and messy. Where the presence of stains for a long time may make it go permanent.

Remove red wine stains from couch

5 Amazing Ways To Get Rid Of Red Wine Stains From Couch 

Despite your best efforts, spills still occur. (Specifically, if there is wine involved!) Red wine stains may be awful on couches. We’ve put up this guide to the best red wine stains removal methods and tricks that don’t call for any harsh chemicals to assist you in dealing with this messy problem.

  1. Rubbing Alcohol

Cleaning the affected area with a wet cloth is always to be used initially. Further, if you acknowledge the stains remain on the couch then rubbing alcohol could be the best solution. Steps for professional couch cleaning and red wine stains removal via alcohol are:

  • Wipe out the affected area with the cold-water cloth
  • Take another and dab it into the alcohol 
  • Wipe over the surface generally. 

2.Dishwashing Liquid with Hydrogen Peroxide

Dishwashing liquid is a good source of cleaning. Whereas, hydrogen peroxide is a mild bleaching agent. The below-mentioned is a super effective 5 way to remove red wine stains from couches. While performing this activity make sure you use gloves because hydrogen peroxide is supposed to be a powerful and corrosive chemical that should be handled with care.

  • Take one part of the dishwashing liquid and three parts of hydrogen peroxide into a mixing bowl. 
  • Create a mixture and apply it.

Note: Before applying it on the affected area make sure you do the test on the hidden area of the couch to make sure that no fabric damage may occur. 

3.Baking Soda With White Vinegar

Baking soda has the property of dissolving into organic compounds like grease, dirt, and other sticky compounds. Baking soda generally dissolves and leaves no scratch behind. It works similarly to salt. As it is dry, it helps to leach the red wine stains completely from the couch. To make a DIY solution to remove the red wine stain is below:

  • Take a small amount of baking soda 
  • Rub it over the stained area
  • Leave it to settle down.
  • On the next day or after a few minutes, a dry vacuum cleans the baking soda. Repeat this process if it’s required again.

In case, if the area is dry, you may make the paste using baking soda with water that is 1:3 one part of baking soda along with three parts of water. 

Baking soda and vinegar are also good combinations to remove stains. White vinegar is the best cleaning agent for red wine removal from the couch. It removes the acidic nature of the wine. You can make a thick paste.

  • Mix baking soda and white vinegar i.e., 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with 1/4th cup of baking soda. 
  • Rub it over the stain 
  • Allow it to settle down. 
  • Vacuum/clean the salt once it’s dry. 

Note: In case you do not have baking soda you can also replace it with this salt.

4.Table Salt

Using table salt over the stains is another best option for couch stain removal. The salt will dry the stain and leach the red wine from the couch. Later on, vacuum-clean it once it’s dry. 

Table salt is a marvellous solution to work on fresh stains. Ensure that the fresh stain is once cleaned with cold water so that the major residual part is removed from it. You may also perform a patch test to save your couch from further damage.

5.Club Soda and salt:

Club soda is a carbonated liquid that helps to flesh out the stain easily.

  • Apply a clean, dry cloth to the stain to remove any more wine.
  • Directly into the red wine stain, pour the club soda (preferably cold!). The carbonation in the soda will help to remove the stain from your couch. Once more, apply as little as possible to mask the stain.
  • On top of the club soda stain, sprinkle some salt. The salt acts as a buffer to stop the stain from setting.
  • For about 20 minutes, let the salty soda solution rest and dry.
  • Use a vacuum pump attachment to remove the dried salt from the area.

To Conclude 

One of life’s greatest joys is to have a nice glass of red wine. But it carries some danger, just like anything worthwhile. In this instance, the potential for a spill! You won’t have to regret spilled wine anymore! As we have shared these helpful red wine stains removal recommendations. The presence of red wine stains may ruin the appearance of your living area. Cleaning it as early as possible can make it easier as well as effective. We hope these 5 red wine stain removal ideas will help you in keeping your couch stain-free.